observatorio militar


As a research group attached to the Observatory of Military Law, our Seedbed seeks the interdisciplinary study of this branch of Law – understood as the area of ​​law that deals with the organic and functional legal study of the Military Forces as an institution.


This is intended to allow, through academic and social rapprochement between the military establishment and the university, a greater knowledge of the structure and functioning of the Armed Forces, clearly defining the role that corresponds to them as institutions of our contemporary state, contributing to its strengthening as a democratic institution during the process and studying from multiple academic scenarios all kinds of situations that involve them, using sources of information such as national and international experts, treaties and conventions ratified by Colombia (DIH, HR, etc.), bases of data from the International Committee of the Red Cross, Political Constitution of Colombia, national and international doctrine and jurisprudence, UN document databases, Military Penal Code, and other applicable national and international regulations.

General objective

Promote research and interest in Military Law by undergraduate students of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Specific Objectives

1. Involve students in the conferences, seminars, congresses, forums and talks held by the Military Law Observatory.

2. Strengthen the investigative competences in Law of the students.

3. Strengthen students' argumentative and linguistic skills.

4. Allow the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge in Military Law by the members of the hotbed.

5. Serve as a space for orientation and support for the preparation and discussion of the degree monographs of its members.

6. Promote the participation of students in publications of the Observatory on issues of Military Law.

7. Consolidate the lines of investigation of the Military Law Observatory.


Director of the Military
Law Observatory

Prof. Dr. Javier Gustavo
Rincón Salcedo Ph.D

Coordinator of the Seedbed
of Military Law

Dr. Agustín Miguel
Lago Montúfar

Coordinator of the
Military Law Seminar

Daniela Toro Parra

Lines Directors

Military Forces and Gender

Dra. Elizabeth Rocha Ph.D

Military Forces
and Artificial Intelligence

Dra. Fernanda Lage Ph.D

Securing Assets
and Military Operations

Dr. Óscar Rincón MG

Derecho Disciplinario Militar y Medio Ambiente como Bien Estratégico de Defensa y Seguridad Nacional 

Prof. Dr. Javier Gustavo
Rincón Salcedo Ph.D

Fuerzas Militares y Ética Pública

 Prof. Dr. Pedro Nevado Batalla PhD

Mercados en la Contratación Pública de Defensa

Prof. Dr. Carlos Andrés Uribe Piedrahita Ph.D

Line Conformation

Silvia Carolina
 Vargas Castañeda

Luis Camilo
Fernández Ceballos

Mariana Rojas

David Leonardo
Romero González

Santiago Rafael
González Otero

Maria Paula
Serpa Castrillón

Sofía Suárez

Juliana Gómez

Ana María Castañeda

Felipe Mateus

Andrés Felipe
Pinzón Guerrero

Valeria Margarita
Blanco Restrepo

Juan Manuel Benjamín
Restrepo Chaparro

Andrea Morales

Paula Andrea
Gutiérrez Avendaño

Maria Alejandra
Ortíz Rivera

Laura Sofía Mendoza

Mariana Fernandez

Maria Camila
Morales Osorio

Luis Daniel Morales

Marialía Lucio

Laura Sofía Mendoza